DIY PR: 8 PR Solutions For Your Local Business

DIY PR: 8 PR Solutions For Your Local Business

When it comes to having a successful business, public relations is the most important aspect, that is often overlooked. However, for the majority of small businesses hiring a PR firm is not yet in their budget. The good news is that there are many do-it-yourself routes out there. Here are the top nine do-it-yourself public relation resources to help you launch a successful PR campaign.

1. Localist

This interactive online calendaring platform works to help small business with limited marketing resources. It does this by managing all promotional events that your business is holding. Localist is proof that your small business does not need a marketing team to handle PR events.

How It Works:

After signing up for an account, you can begin to enter planned events, importing current calendars, and upload bulk events. Some of the time-saving features include recurring schedules, venue matching, and automatic event merging. For more successful events, Localist makes it easy for you to be able to create an online community where attendees can check-in to events. They are also able to add in comments, write reviews, and upload pictures of the events. Being Google Analytic friendly means that you can keep track of conversations about your events, as well as tracking the number of shares and followers you are getting.


The Localist starter plan starts at just $19 a month. It includes unlimited events, responsive design for an enhanced mobile experience, and a custom domain.

2. Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out, HARO for short can give you direct access to bloggers, reporters, and journalists from a wide selection of publications. It works by allowing you share your expertise and in return, you get free publicity for you and your small business.

How It Works:

Simply sign up as a source, and HARO will take care of the rest. It does this by sending questions from journalists right to your inbox. If any of these questions fall into your expertise and business, you can send your response and qualifications back to the journalist.

FOR MORE great information on all things PR related, check out our friends from Vancouver who’ve published this fantastic article on how businesses in Vancouver are benefitting with public relations here.

3. MuckRack

MuckRack helps small businesses be able to search through their collection of 20,000 journalists and media contacts. This allows you to be able to find the right journalist to tell your story. It has many different features such as inbox alerts, social sharing data, direct email pitches to journalists, and even lets you create media lists.

How It Works:

Simply click on the “Find Journalists” button to register as a marketer or a public relations pro. From there you can choose a subscription plan that will translate into your budget. To begin, you can search by journalists, keywords, Twitter accounts, hashtags, and other categories.


Subscription plans start at $179 a month.

4. PRWeb

Using PRWeb will help you reach and attract new business by using online tactics. It gives you the ability to be able to publish press release all over the Web. Which means that you do not need to have any tech or PR skills to be able to reach more people.

How It Works:

Once you have finished writing an engaging press release about your business, you will plug it into a PRWeb template. When you have submitted the press release, a PRWeb editor will review it, and then post it for yours. For addition help, PRWeb has many different tools to help you write an effective press release.


$99 per Press Release.

5. Handle Your PR (HYOPR)

Handle Your PR (HYOPR) is great do-it-yourself public relations tool that lets you create media lists as well as free publicity for your business. It also gives you access to its PR library that has tips, tools, and other resources that are all designed to help you launch successful PR campaigns.

How It Works:

You will start out in the “How To Do It” tab. In that tab, you will learn everything you need to know. This includes getting started with public relations, media basics, and how to correctly connect with media contacts.


Free, with the option of purchasing media lists that start at $80.

6. MyBlog – GuestMyBlog

Guest works to connect bloggers with brands and gets content creators to share their skills. It does this too by helping you reach highly targeted audiences by creating a guest post on other blogs, building links, and cross-promoting.

How It Works:

First, you will want to sign up for a MyBlogGuest account. Once you have done this, you can begin to look for guest blogging opportunities. If you are looking for a free option, you can post an ad on the forums for free. To post content, you will have to have a GO PRO account. The content that you post will be put into the Articles Gallery where other blog owners can find it, and decide if they want to use it.


Free to browse through forums. Accounts start at $50 per month.

7. HootSuite

HootSuite is a social media tool that works to help you keep track of multiple social media accounts. Experts says that it does this by merging everything into a single dashboard. Which allows you to be able to monitor content, likes, shares, and other metrics that Facebook Insights and Google Analytics use.

How It Works:

Sign into all of your media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any email addresses. From there you can create “streams” for all of these accounts.


Connect three social media profiles for free.

8. Google Alerts

Not only PR rep’s work to get their clients notice, but they also track where ads are being placed and mentioned. However, for your small business, all you need is Google Alerts. It lets you monitor your online presence so that …

The Benefits of Having an SEO Expert for Your Business

Are you planning to outsource SEO services for your business? Have you reached out to an SEO professional? But wait a sec, you are not certain about the key benefits of hiring an SEO expert. That’s why you always opt for in-house search engine optimization instead of working with an SEO agency.We are here to clear your doubts about search engine optimization. Today, you may not invest in outsourcing SEO services. But in the long run, benefits of SEO will ultimately outweigh the cost saving that you might be practicing by doing the SEO yourself. Let’s talk about key advantages of hiring an SEO agency. How SEO services can make a difference by escalating the ranking of your website, enhance the business leads and best of all, lowering the marketing cost to a great extent.

Intensified Web Traffic

Search engine optimization will amplify the ranking of your website on the search engines like Google. When you secure a higher position on Google, it enhances your online reputation and authority. This way, receiving a massive number of impressions and clicks is so obvious. Now you must be wondering? How can we achieve this via utilizing SEO services? In simple words, an SEO specialist will use the profitable keywords effectively in content, title tags, and meta descriptions. Not to mention, the keywords that related to your niche. That’s how Google will know about your valuable content. Because of optimized content, you will end with mounted web traffic.
Cost Effective Marketing Strategy

Notebook with Tolls and Notes about SEOSearch Engine optimization is the most profitable and cost-effective marketing strategy. Unlike other marketing techniques, this one has traceable and technical metrics. That clearly shows the exact position of your online visibility and how can you improve that?When you hire an SEO expert or agency, they are obliged to take care of every aspect of your online branding. They will make the changes essential for ranking higher in Google, heighten the leads and rally the conversion. In short, long-term value for your business!
User-Friendly Website

Days are gone when SEO was confined to ranking higher only. Today, it is all about creating the utmost value for the user or customer. And web design plays a vital role in this regard!A human mind is made to react, that’s why an average person behave so furiously while surfing the net. If the design of the website is not clean and attractive, the user will switch to another site. Similarly, the poor navigation system can frustrate the user within seconds.You must resolve these issues to make your customers happy. If you don’t know how to do it, hire someone best with web development.
Better Conversion Rates

SEO stats

A a few years back, people would check yellow pages or directories to get info about local business. But today, Google is the ultimate solution for every problem.When you optimize the site for search engines, it will rank in top SERPs. For instance, you are running a seafood restaurant in Cape Town. You’ve successfully fixed a top spot for related keywords. Fortunately, your restaurant site has a responsive and clean web design. Furthermore, it has all the information regarding your business. When the customer lands on your restaurant, he/she must be looking for best seafood in Cape Town in a first place. You were on top, so user clicked on your site. This way, you can grab and hold the attention of your visitors. Because of quality services, you may convert them into loyal customers.
A competitive Edge

After reading above cited benefits, let’s explain this point by taking an example of two similar businesses. Both belong to the same industry and selling the same product. The only difference is that one of them has invested in SEO for the optimized site. Now, answer this, which firm will procure most customers? Which will grow faster? Of course, the one with the optimized site!

Investing in SEO services has become important more than ever. Being a business owner, if you haven’t considered spending on search engine optimization, you’re missing a big fish out there!


– Guest blog post from Edmonton SEO Professional…

How Does a Lawyer’s Website Design Help His/Her Business?

It can be tough getting one’s name out there as a lawyer. People watch shows such as “Better Call Saul” that can attest to the fact that good web design and branding will help get an attorney’s name out there. So much so that the colors used on a business card and design can be a coveted mark of distinction against the competition. So much so that new lawyers may want to mimic established lawyers’ logo.

However, this is just a fictional example, but does it translate into reality? The answer to this question is obvious. There wouldn’t be so many lawyers advertising on television if it didn’t help them get gigs. And the information highway, aka the Internet, is one of the best ways to start putting a name out there. People now look to the Internet to help them make their consumer decisions and do their research. Using the internet nowadays would add a great help to anyone’s business.

When thinking about web design ideas for lawyers, do not piggy back off the competition. Apparently, that would be vexing to the competition, and the lawyer could ironically end up being sued.

web-designRegarding what will sell, think about compelling content with appropriate images. Content is what will resonate with the reader most. The person who is looking to enlist law services needs to hear stories that are similar to their own. If the website is filled with hypothetical situations, then there are more chances that one of the stories is similar to what the potential client is going through. Try to organize content so that the human interest element of the law is at the forefront. People are looking to hire someone who can relate.

Another must in web design is to organize the site very blatantly. Hamburger bars are not going to cut it (the button with lines), because most people don’t recognize to click that for options. Rather, use words as headers that people can click on, this is more comprehensive.

The site should not look archaic or homemade. A lawyer should always enlist a professional for help with the start-up of the site. It is worth a few hundred to get something that looks well put together.

Also, there should be a ratio between graphics and text. A person should try for the 50/50 rule. This might seem a little extreme, but even maps (which should be included on the site) count as a graphic. The half and half screen time rule is something that will be good for comprehensiveness of the text. The law is a complicated subject, and graphics help to humanize the industry.

Taking all these factors into account, a lawyer should be able to obtain an eye-catching and visually appealing website that will stand out from the competition. Then it is about learning how to gear the site to rank high in a Google search. This can be done through advertising to build an audience. But great web design is always first to step to getting a blueprint for a site that will succeed.

Basic SEO for Small Business

basic seo

Understanding SEO or search engine optimization is essential for you small business. Good SEO can boost your rankings in search engines like Google and make it easier to get visitors to your site. Good SEO will also reduce the costs of your digital marketing efforts.

What is SEO?

“SEO describes your efforts to get ranked higher in Google.” says William Rush, an online marketing expert at one of the top Las Vegas SEO companies in Nevada at “This means that your site is easier to find. If you are selling “leather bags” and an internet user types this keyword or phrase into Google, you want to rank as highly as possible for that keyword. If you are on the first page and right at the top, then this is the best position for your site to be in.”

SEO can either be on-page or off-page. On-page relates to anything and everything on your actual website and off-page to other marketing you have around the web. Although off page SEO has a part to play on-page is the more vital component. Off-page SEO can enhance an already robust website, but it can’t make up for a poor one.

So, what kind of things count as SEO?

  • Keywords.
  • Key phrases.
  • Good content.
  • A few quality links.

keywords for search engine optimization

Keywords and Phrases.

Keywords and phrases need to be chosen and then appear on your site in a specific and structured way. You should try and have some long-tail keywords in the mix.

Long-tail keywords take the approach of getting traffic from less common searches. The idea is that common keywords and phrases give you a tiny share of an enormous market, but long tail provides you with a big proportion of a smaller niche market.

You now want to structure your website to include the keywords you have chosen. A few years ago people would try and use the keyword as many times as possible. This is now known as keyword stuffing. People tried all sorts of tricks to get a higher keyword count. These methods included reams of unhelpful and awkward text and even pages of invisible text where the keyword was re-posted over and over again.

It is here that you can learn your first valuable lesson about search engine optimization. You must always construct your site, and it’s content to be most useful to the people that visit it. When you use tricks and shortcuts, they may work for a little while, but sites such as Google will put a stop to it in the end. Google runs on an algorithm which is continually updated. The algorithm assesses which sites are the most import ones and assign more visibility to those sites.

When people started keyword stuffing to get visitors, Google noticed some low-quality sites popping up and made updates to the algorithm to penalize rather than reward them. Techniques known as “black hat” techniques are cheeky ways to boost rankings in Google whereas “white hat” techniques are means to work with Google and get your site ranked higher in a long-term and sustainable way. It may take more time and effort, but if you go black hat, your site won’t make it in the long run.

good content for online marketing

Good content.

For Google to give you a good ranking, your site needs to be useful to a visitor. Good quality, useful content that gets refreshed now and again and has something like a blog where new content is added regularly is a positive. Use feedback from your visitors to understand what they like and don’t and what you can do to improve things for them. Slowly but surely you’ll get that site ranked higher.

Consider things like how fast your site is to load and how easily users can navigate the pages. The better it is for visitors, the better ranking you’ll get.


A few quality links.

Mass back linking was another black hat technique that got a lot of sites downgraded and even unlisted from rankings. A link to your site from another site on the web is basically like a positive vote. The better the site is, the more clout that vote has in lifting you through the rankings. However, after years of people acquiring junk backlinks, it turns out that some of these links will count against people and not for them.

Work on getting a site with a high PageRank to link to you. PageRank is a system used by Google to denote quality sites, new sites and bad sites. You want to put your effort and energy into getting even one high PageRank site to link back to you, rather than thousands of low rankings ones.

These are the best and most practical tips you can follow to get your basic SEO in place. Follow these, and you will set yourself up to rise through the rankings.…

How Relevancy Affects SEO Efforts

relevanceWhen it comes to search engine optimization, the final goal should be to provide users with the content they are looking for the given topic. When many internet marketers mention SEO, a lot of people think about keywords. However, there is a lot more to search engine optimization than keywords. The content has to be relevant to the keywords. As a matter of fact, search algorithms have been adjusted to account for relevancy. That way, users that are looking for a topic will find the type of information they are looking for. This will lead to a better experience for the user and the webmaster.

One Sacramento SEO agency says, relevancy is important for SEO because when people are looking for a topic like toothbrushes, they are not trying to find content about tote bags with the word toothbrushes sprinkled throughout the article. They are also not looking for incoherent content that has the keywords. People are looking for content about toothbrushes. Among the different subtopics that the user is looking for are the various types of toothbrushes that are available, when to change the toothbrush, the different ways to use a toothbrush and other topics as long as they are relevant to the topic.

With relevancy, the conversion rates are higher. When people are looking for information on a subject, they are not necessarily looking to buy something. They are looking for information. Once they get the information that satisfies them on a particular topic, then they may decide on whether or not they want to buy an item. However, when they do want to buy an item, they are more likely to purchase an item from the link presented at a website that offers valuable information about the product as opposed to a site that is stuffed with random keywords.

One other reason for relevancy is that search engines use it as one of the criteria to rank sites when it comes to different keywords. The fact of the matter is that relevancy is at least as important as backlinks and keywords. It is the one thing that will determine whether or not people stay on the site for more information or leave the site and look for another. People not only want to be told all they know about the product, but also some of what they don’t know. When people get new information about a product, then they will be more interested in buying the product.

Relevancy is a powerful thing to use on one’s own website. When writing about a topic, it is important to stay on topic. People don’t want to read other topics within the article. One thing that could help someone stay on topic is if he finds something that he is passionate about. That way, he will be able to effectively find more things to write about when it comes to his topic of choice. He will also go deeper into the subject of that he is writing about and present new insights on the topic.…

Secrets of Designing a Good SEO Website

search-engine-optimization-techniquesAs the internet and the world wide web is encroaching most parts of the world, business entities, and personalities realize the importance of having an online presence. Do you have an online presence? Well, there exists several theories that can be used to elongate on the online presence, but they all depict the ability to be recognized by search engines. Having an ideal web page is one instance of having a professional online presence. As a result, many websites are popping up, and the competition of ranking better in SEO is getting tougher.

Do you know the tricks of having a good SEO website? Did your web designer factor in the SEO techniques during the process of website design? Well, if you have no idea what it involves, here is a tip of what you should consider;

  1. Use a relevant and friendly URL Is your website URL about the products and services you offer? The URL of a website is the most crucial element when it comes to search engine optimization. For instance, the incorporation of specific keywords in the URL will make it easier for search engines to recognize your site when searched. Also, it is unwise to use long URLs as they rank poorly in the search engines.
  2. Use small images and add relevant keywords in their designs Do images make the site look beautiful? Absolutely yes, images create a lasting impression on viewers. However, avoid using clear and large images on your site. Consider putting relevant keywords in the header, logo, and graphics to boost their relevance.
  3. Ensure you are creating a responsive web design As the technology advances, the rate at which mobile devices are getting injected into the market is high. Thus, there is a need to create sites that are visible on both PCs and mobile devices. Also, many people use mobile devices due to their flexibility nature. It will allow mobiles and PCs to share the same URL thus increasing traffic to the main site.
  4. Create a site with a simple navigation Most people get tired and bored when they navigate through a complex site. In the process, they may leave in prevalence to a simple site. To safeguard your online presence, ensure to use a simple navigation toolbar to give your visitors an easy time navigating through your site. The navigation toolbar should be placed at the top to increase its visibility.
  5. Hire a programmer who understands different languages Did you know that using one language in the entire coding will make your site slow down? Yes, web designing is a tricky paradigm in which the use of many languages makes the site awesome. For instance, sites that get built using JavaScript tend to be slower, on the flip side, sites build using HTML alone tend to be porous. Thus, it is prudent to use different languages when creating a good site.
  6. Make loading of the pages faster. It is evident that clients are busy and have little time to search for items and services online. Creating a site that loads faster will attract more prospect clients to your site. It can be achieved through the use of ideal images, compressing of the java scripts and enhancement of the browser cache. Also, ensure the pages are neatly designed to keep your viewers glued to your page for long.
  7. Proper use of the keywords To achieve SEO standards, appropriate use of keywords is vital. Ensure that the keyword density is maintained. The recommended density is about 1-2 percent depending on the number of words. If you are new to keyword usage, consider using the Google keyword planner to establish what clients key in Google search engines.
  8. Consider integrating your site with social media accounts Did you know that social media is the most powerful SEO tool? Yes, social media can increase traffic to your site in a wink of an eye. However, consider using social platforms with a large number of users such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In a nutshell, having a well-crafted SEO friendly site is a big win for any business. SEO techniques are crucial in the web-design industry. Proper application of the above techniques will boost your online presence.

This post is part of a continued effort to spread the knowledge of SEO, you can find more information at Saskatoon SEO Consultants.…

Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

seo-idea-lightbulbs-ss-1920Local SEO is a highly efficient form of local online advertising and marketing that allows local businesses to endorse and promote their services to customers at precisely the moment they’re searching for that particular business. They are special internet searches that facilitate proper user interaction with their required searches immediately.

All important, major marketing and advertising agencies advocate the significance of a standard local search engine optimization
existence for all kinds of local businesses. But why? Why is it so that this widely preached concept is rarely outlined in plain terms? All the hard work, time and money involved in ensuring that all the listings of the directory are uniform, why do people go through so much pain?

A local SEO makes it easier for the user to access the website. The search engine immediately flags up the website which is SEO friendly and hence facilitates better seo-imagecommunication.

It makes it easier for search engines to understand each page of the website and in turn, help the user. A brief introduction to the website that contains the appropriate keywords make the search more efficient.

It makes the contents on your website not only available but also talked about. A commonly seen website is more likely to attract business than one which is obscure.

SEO makes us understand the limitations of any search engine and in turn, makes the website more efficient and accountable.

seo-company1Frances Largent from SEO Phoenix makes a really strong point about the need for search engine optimization “Basically, without an SEO, any website is as good as invisible to a search engine. There will be no pointers or information for the engine to find. Therefore the website will be all but invisible.” There are more SEO tips on on Frances’ site at

How do You Make Your Website More Local SEO Friendly?

It all starts with the right keywords. Local SEO helps people know about your service. So we have some tips for making a website SEO friendly for your local business.

1. Phrasing the keyword:

the wordings of any website are the central part of any website, so particular care should be taken to phrase them. They are the red flags that help the website pop up when a request is placed on a search engine.

2. Mapping the keyword:

after gathering all the common words for your website, it is the best strategy to group comparable keywords and from different categories. A precise and astute website is the best.

3. Structured data (SCHEMA):

SCHEMA is an HTML code which identifies and categorize the essential data on the website. It is a must-have for every website since it is accepted across the globe.

4. Using the footer:

this bottom area of the website is full of potential and search engine optimization worth. Moving the extra HTML code from the header to here which subsequently makes the website load faster. And who doesn’t love a fast website?

5. Blogs and Social Media:

a need for constantly creating stories and content for the website is prevalent since the age is digital now. Use of catchy keywords and interesting descriptions make the website more available and usable.

6. Information Consistency:

a properly corrected and formatted local commerce contact page is a must. It validates your availability as a provider and helps engines provide them to users when required.

Local SEO can help you reach out to the customers who matter. You would be able to drive more sales and increase revenue, without significant advertising costs like before.


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6 Tips For Browsing The Internet Safely


The fact is that the internet can be a confusing, dangerous and unsafe place. Without any safety net, many people have fallen victims to all kinds of malicious things going online on the web. It is shocking how people fall victims to pornography, predators, online scams, spyware, internet viruses and much more.

Scary Statistics About Internet Safety


A survey that saw 825 children of age between 7 and 16 years old; and 1,127 adults showed that 16.7% of parents allow children below three years old to surf the web. The shocking thing about all this is that it shows how exposed and vulnerable children are online.

•    42.1% of children admitted that they have seen online porn and a large number of 16-year-old children are addicted to hardcore pornography.

•    1 in every 12 children has exchanged messages with sexual contests to other people, while 1 in every 25 children has sent graphic photos of themselves.31468399-cms

•    26% of children have succeeded in pretending that they are older to open an online account.

•    1 in every 20 children confessed of arranging to meet a stranger who they met online secretly.

•    29% of parents allow their children to browse the web without ant restriction or supervision.

•    37% of adults have fallen victim to online scams and cons

•    59% of people have downloaded or download spyware material from the internet

•    86% of all web-connected computers become infected with viruses downloaded from the web

With this in mind, clearly, there is a reason to be careful when browsing online or when letting your children browse the web. Therefore, the million dollar question is; what are the tips for browsing the internet safely?

1.    Informationonline-safety-title-2

The first way is to keep yourself updated with everything that is happening online. How do you do this? Well, it is quite simple. All you got to do is read articles, blogs, news and anything that is shared online about internet security. Remember, Information is vital.

2.    Think before Clicking

When the deal is too good, think twice. The wise person who said this was not wrong. Scams and cons come with juicy information that will surely make you dream. Most of them are phrased in such a way that you are going to be rich or a billionaire. Others even go to an extent of hiring actors, vehicles, houses just to try to keep you interested.

3.    Website Details

Many phony websites come with addresses that are very similar to an original one, but the page can have misspellings, low-resolution images or/and even bad grammar. Always be attentive to what you are doing and the kind of addresses you are visiting.public_wifi_security_sf

4.    Keeping Your Browser Software up-to-date

It may look like it is an inconvenience but in the real sense, this is something that will help you protect yourself. Let this not apply solely to your browser software but every software you have installed.

5.    Be Careful Of Phishing

Phishing is relatively new, and attacks use online messages (mainly email) with an aim of tricking users into providing their sensitive info which is one way identify theft occurs. Often, these messages seem to appear from banks, social media sites, shopping websites, payment processors and others. Phishing messages mainly contain links that lead to counterfeit versions of popular websites.t-internetsafe-enhd-ar1

You can avoid falling victim by ignoring unsolicited messages and by not clicking the hyperlinks or attachments in the emails. It is advisable to type or copy/paste the URLs as they appear.

6.    Do Not Reuse Passwords

It is advisable not to reuse passwords for multiple sites. Reusing passwords will only make it easier for attackers to get your sensitive information.  Therefore, consider using different passwords and keep track on each by handwriting them on a piece of paper rather than saving them on your device.