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Secrets of Designing a Good SEO Website

search-engine-optimization-techniquesAs the internet and the world wide web is encroaching most parts of the world, business entities, and personalities realize the importance of having an online presence. Do you have an online presence? Well, there exists several theories that can be used to elongate on the online presence, but they all depict the ability to be recognized by search engines. Having an ideal web page is one instance of having a professional online presence. As a result, many websites are popping up, and the competition of ranking better in SEO is getting tougher.

Do you know the tricks of having a good SEO website? Did your web designer factor in the SEO techniques during the process of website design? Well, if you have no idea what it involves, here is a tip of what you should consider;

  1. Use a relevant and friendly URL Is your website URL about the products and services you offer? The URL of a website is the most crucial element when it comes to search engine optimization. For instance, the incorporation of specific keywords in the URL will make it easier for search engines to recognize your site when searched. Also, it is unwise to use long URLs as they rank poorly in the search engines.
  2. Use small images and add relevant keywords in their designs Do images make the site look beautiful? Absolutely yes, images create a lasting impression on viewers. However, avoid using clear and large images on your site. Consider putting relevant keywords in the header, logo, and graphics to boost their relevance.
  3. Ensure you are creating a responsive web design As the technology advances, the rate at which mobile devices are getting injected into the market is high. Thus, there is a need to create sites that are visible on both PCs and mobile devices. Also, many people use mobile devices due to their flexibility nature. It will allow mobiles and PCs to share the same URL thus increasing traffic to the main site.
  4. Create a site with a simple navigation Most people get tired and bored when they navigate through a complex site. In the process, they may leave in prevalence to a simple site. To safeguard your online presence, ensure to use a simple navigation toolbar to give your visitors an easy time navigating through your site. The navigation toolbar should be placed at the top to increase its visibility.
  5. Hire a programmer who understands different languages Did you know that using one language in the entire coding will make your site slow down? Yes, web designing is a tricky paradigm in which the use of many languages makes the site awesome. For instance, sites that get built using JavaScript tend to be slower, on the flip side, sites build using HTML alone tend to be porous. Thus, it is prudent to use different languages when creating a good site.
  6. Make loading of the pages faster. It is evident that clients are busy and have little time to search for items and services online. Creating a site that loads faster will attract more prospect clients to your site. It can be achieved through the use of ideal images, compressing of the java scripts and enhancement of the browser cache. Also, ensure the pages are neatly designed to keep your viewers glued to your page for long.
  7. Proper use of the keywords To achieve SEO standards, appropriate use of keywords is vital. Ensure that the keyword density is maintained. The recommended density is about 1-2 percent depending on the number of words. If you are new to keyword usage, consider using the Google keyword planner to establish what clients key in Google search engines.
  8. Consider integrating your site with social media accounts Did you know that social media is the most powerful SEO tool? Yes, social media can increase traffic to your site in a wink of an eye. However, consider using social platforms with a large number of users such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In a nutshell, having a well-crafted SEO friendly site is a big win for any business. SEO techniques are crucial in the web-design industry. Proper application of the above techniques will boost your online presence.

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