How Does a Lawyer’s Website Design Help His/Her Business?
How Does a Lawyer’s Website Design Help His/Her Business?

It can be tough getting one’s name out there as a lawyer. People watch shows such as “Better Call Saul” that can attest to the fact that good web design and branding will help get an attorney’s name out there. So much so that the colors used on a business card and design can be a coveted mark of distinction against the competition. So much so that new lawyers may want to mimic established lawyers’ logo.

However, this is just a fictional example, but does it translate into reality? The answer to this question is obvious. There wouldn’t be so many lawyers advertising on television if it didn’t help them get gigs. And the information highway, aka the Internet, is one of the best ways to start putting a name out there. People now look to the Internet to help them make their consumer decisions and do their research. Using the internet nowadays would add a great help to anyone’s business.

When thinking about web design ideas for lawyers, do not piggy back off the competition. Apparently, that would be vexing to the competition, and the lawyer could ironically end up being sued.

web-designRegarding what will sell, think about compelling content with appropriate images. Content is what will resonate with the reader most. The person who is looking to enlist law services needs to hear stories that are similar to their own. If the website is filled with hypothetical situations, then there are more chances that one of the stories is similar to what the potential client is going through. Try to organize content so that the human interest element of the law is at the forefront. People are looking to hire someone who can relate.

Another must in web design is to organize the site very blatantly. Hamburger bars are not going to cut it (the button with lines), because most people don’t recognize to click that for options. Rather, use words as headers that people can click on, this is more comprehensive.

The site should not look archaic or homemade. A lawyer should always enlist a professional for help with the start-up of the site. It is worth a few hundred to get something that looks well put together.

Also, there should be a ratio between graphics and text. A person should try for the 50/50 rule. This might seem a little extreme, but even maps (which should be included on the site) count as a graphic. The half and half screen time rule is something that will be good for comprehensiveness of the text. The law is a complicated subject, and graphics help to humanize the industry.

Taking all these factors into account, a lawyer should be able to obtain an eye-catching and visually appealing website that will stand out from the competition. Then it is about learning how to gear the site to rank high in a Google search. This can be done through advertising to build an audience. But great web design is always first to step to getting a blueprint for a site that will succeed.