How Relevancy Affects SEO Efforts
How Relevancy Affects SEO Efforts

relevanceWhen it comes to search engine optimization, the final goal should be to provide users with the content they are looking for the given topic. When many internet marketers mention SEO, a lot of people think about keywords. However, there is a lot more to search engine optimization than keywords. The content has to be relevant to the keywords. As a matter of fact, search algorithms have been adjusted to account for relevancy. That way, users that are looking for a topic will find the type of information they are looking for. This will lead to a better experience for the user and the webmaster.

One Sacramento SEO agency says, relevancy is important for SEO because when people are looking for a topic like toothbrushes, they are not trying to find content about tote bags with the word toothbrushes sprinkled throughout the article. They are also not looking for incoherent content that has the keywords. People are looking for content about toothbrushes. Among the different subtopics that the user is looking for are the various types of toothbrushes that are available, when to change the toothbrush, the different ways to use a toothbrush and other topics as long as they are relevant to the topic.

With relevancy, the conversion rates are higher. When people are looking for information on a subject, they are not necessarily looking to buy something. They are looking for information. Once they get the information that satisfies them on a particular topic, then they may decide on whether or not they want to buy an item. However, when they do want to buy an item, they are more likely to purchase an item from the link presented at a website that offers valuable information about the product as opposed to a site that is stuffed with random keywords.

One other reason for relevancy is that search engines use it as one of the criteria to rank sites when it comes to different keywords. The fact of the matter is that relevancy is at least as important as backlinks and keywords. It is the one thing that will determine whether or not people stay on the site for more information or leave the site and look for another. People not only want to be told all they know about the product, but also some of what they don’t know. When people get new information about a product, then they will be more interested in buying the product.

Relevancy is a powerful thing to use on one’s own website. When writing about a topic, it is important to stay on topic. People don’t want to read other topics within the article. One thing that could help someone stay on topic is if he finds something that he is passionate about. That way, he will be able to effectively find more things to write about when it comes to his topic of choice. He will also go deeper into the subject of that he is writing about and present new insights on the topic.